How to Mix and Match Sofas


How to Mix and Match Sofas

Seating arrangements are a critical component in a room. They need to fit well with the overall mood and feel of the room as well as match the surrounding parts of it.

That is why you need to know what each colour, print, or texture can bring to the table. People do this by choosing a let of colours that sit well together and add flavour to the house.

For this, you need to follow a few rules that will help you pair colours. In this article, we’ll go through some basic tips that will help you mix and match sofas, chairs or any piece of seated furniture.

Remember, although it’s great to gather second-hand knowledge, it is always best to experiment yourself and get the end result to your liking.

Don’t be afraid to go crazy

You must be as vibrant as possible when mixing colours as it might stand out as a prominent, rather than silly, feature of the room.

But in order to make sure it doesn’t look silly, balance the unusual colour by adding a piece of furniture or chair that is in contrast with it. You can also apply the same feature in real life and art such as painting or photography.

The colour combinations that you find pleasing to the eye can also be used when arranging seating.


Vintage Hues

To add a bit of character, you always turn to vintage colour schemes as this will give the room a less eccentric vibe. Such blends like buttermilk, coral or peppermint colours are transformed into patterns that remind people about simpler times.

But be on the lookout for colours that are synchronous with each other when you purchase a chair or sofa.

Monochrome colour scheme

If you’re looking for a more mature and sophisticated design pattern, you can always choose monochrome.

The thing about monochrome is that it never goes out of fashion and probably never will. Such is the colour layout or lack thereof.

Have a bold chair

Nothing sells liveability quite like a sofa that is kept in a corner that feels so out of place but yet, it also takes you away from the general look of the house. It helps the viewer feel refreshed as could be that one piece of furniture that helps them not be bored after a while.

Having a bold chair works especially if your room already looms dull as it adds colour to the surroundings. But before you try this out, it is essential that you try a sample furniture that you can borrow from a friend in order to determine whether it’ll be a good fit.

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