Decor tips for tiny apartments


Decor tips for tiny apartments

Gone are those days when people used to live in palatial, spacious homes! Millennials find it hard to maintain huge homes and hey, who wants those huge homes with an empty, haunted feel when you can have a lovely little cosy and compact apartment which gives you a homely and inviting feel? So for all those with such cute apartments, this one’s for you – tips to decorate your tiny little cove to make it even more beautiful!

Convertible furniture

The best thing that you can opt for your tiny home – space saving and super cool furniture! Some of the options that you can consider are:

  • Hidden beds
  • Expandable tables
  • Sofa –cum-beds


and a lot of other such furniture to optimally use the space in your home.
Modern furniture designers are coming up with more innovative and unique space saving furniture designs to cater to the needs of small homes. Opt for this furniture and make use of every inch of space in your home.

Vertical storage

There’s less of floor space, why not utilise the vertical space? Observe every corner of your home and look out for an area that’s unused. Door-tops, sides of your door, window tops – these spaces can be excellent storage spaces! Tall and sleek shelves can accommodate a lot of tiny things which don’t find a place anywhere else in your home. You can even create a lovely little bookshelf in this space. You just need to have an eye to tap such unused spaces in your home!

Choose light, breezy colours

Pastel shades or toned down colours will give your home an airy and spacious look. So even if you are a fan of dark and royal tones, reserve these colours for some small parts in your home. Dark shades act as a barrier and make your home appear smaller than it already is. Try to keep your space in sync with natural elements. Tone it down and don’t overwhelm your home with too many either.


Minimise the clutter

Your home is small and doesn’t have space for things not needed. So you have to declutter your home and get rid of all the unwanted stuff. Unwanted boxes, scrap paper, unused utensils are things which you should dump away as quickly as you can. Also, you should make decluttering your home a regular affair – to keep the junk from mounting and using up your precious space!


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