Fabrics for Upholstering and Renovating Furniture

Fabrics for Furniture Upholstery and Renovation

Fabrics for Upholstering and Renovating Furniture

Upholstering furniture became a whole trend. Many people choose not to get rid of the old armchair or dining room chairs, but rather, they decide to renew their old furniture, through the upholstery.

There are thousands of ways to change the look of furniture that has ceased to be beautiful. Giving a new touch of color, reach the upholstery or lined with fabrics. The use of materials to upholster and renew the appearance of the furniture is a total success.

The fabrics to upholster and renew the furniture of the house nowadays propose elegant designs in their print, where colors like the intense yellow, or the sleek gray are part of the trends.

Catalog of Upholstery Fabrics

In the catalog of fabrics for furniture upholstery, there is a wide variety of materials that you can find without any problem, among which we see the best fabrics for upholstering and renovating the furniture of the house:

Leather used for furniture upholstery
  • Upholstery fabrics synthetic fibers
  • Upholstery fabrics natural fibers
  • Combined fiber fabrics to cover furniture
  • Natural fibers

Within the range of fabrics for upholstering and renovating the furniture of the house with natural fibers, the most used are the following:

  • Linen: Material with a resistant fiber, soft and smooth fabric, with a touch of shine. It tends to be durable and resilient, so it is generally found in combination with cotton to provide further elasticity to linen; this material is perfect for covering chairs and armchairs.
  • Cotton: One of the fabrics for upholstering and renovating the furniture of the house; the cotton is combined with polyester, nylon or cotton, to provide further strength, texture, and strength; generally one of the most elegant fabrics.
  • Wool: It is one of the fabrics that usually last longer when furniture is upholstered with this material; it is often combined with the rest of the natural fibers to avoid wear and facilitate the cleaning of the furniture.
  • Chenille: A little-cooked name in the world of the fabrics; usually is combined with the fiber of sea and wool, obtaining a more significant contribution of comfort and quilting. It is ideal for upholstering types of furniture such as declinable chairs, children’s furniture, and loungers.
  • Jute: Jute is one of the natural fibers and fabrics for upholstering and renovating the furniture of the house, which provides that rustic touch, combined with touches of modernity. It tends to look spectacular when combined with wood and leather furniture.
  • Leather: One of the fabrics for upholstering and renovating the furniture of the house. Their price tends to vary according to their quality and the treatment that has received the skin.
  • Full grain leather: Complete skin of the animal, leaving the marks and imperfections of the leather. Full grain leather has the best thickness and highest quality.
  • Corrected grain leather: The scratches and marks on these fabrics result in a clean and smooth leather.
  • Nubuck: Usually more elegant, with a velvet finish and very sensitive to stains. The Nubuck is the bottom layer of the skin and was in contact with animal flesh.


Velvet | Synthetic Fibers


  • Velvet: A structure of short and thick hair of luxurious appearance, soft and shiny and can be of natural and synthetic fibers which translates into higher or lower quality.
  • Microfiber: Composed of polyester, texture very similar to suede but softer, being much easier to clean. The fibers of the microfibre are very dense which makes it a very durable and moisture-resistant upholstery. It is of great beauty and looks great on all types of seats.
  • Rayon: One of the fabrics to upholster and renovate the furniture of the house, made of cellulose, capable of imitating cotton and linen fabrics. It is usually combined with materials to achieve a mixed fabric; perfect for upholstering furniture.
  • Polyester: Considered as synthetic fibers which are combined without any problem with naturalfibers. These blends are very durable, very easy to clean and maintain. Polyester is undoubtedly one of the bestoptions for upholstering furniture!


Fashionable Upholstery Colors 2019


What are the trendy colors for upholstery 2019: Yes, you have read well, we bring for you, the predictions in Fabric Colours for upholstering and renovating the furniture of the house which will be fashionable for the coming year. Pantone, the leading authority on color, has already launched a chromatic palette inspired by the magic of the gastronomic range:

  • Pomegranate red or spicy
  • Peach orange
  • Mustard
  • White
  • Grey
  • Avocado green
  • Intense bluish green
  • Squeaky yellow
  • Camel color
  • Black Caviar
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